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Keijijou na Bokura

Other Name: 形而上なぼくら; Beautiful World; Keijijou na Bokura; Our Everlasting; Utakata no Hibi

Plot Summary: Horyuu is a shining, good looking surfer idol. Shouin, who is enamored with • him, is a calm, restrained and mature youngster. Though Horyuu is the polar opposite to the subdued Shouin, he cannot erase from his mind the secret confession which they shared... * Contains two oneshots called Utakata no Hibi in vol. 1 and Beautiful World in vol. 2, prequel to Kurumi no Naka. • Utakata no Hibi - At 35, an art teacher is given a choice between an operation with a success rate of only 30% or another three years to live without it. He refuses the operation and proceeds to live a kind of half-life. But that spring, he meets and has an affair with a loud and healthy student from Osaka. Still, the knowledge of his impending death keeps him from being fully involved. • Our Everlasting - All Sohei wanted was to film the beautiful man he'd caught a picture of before. But is the price too high...

Author: Kawai Touko
Artist: Kawai Touko
Date of release: 2016

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